Friday, 1 March 2013

Nothing could be finer than conditions at Umina

Wow, what a difference a day makes! When we arrived at ‘Lake Umina’ yesterday to set up for the event it was like a millpond. People were posting smart remarks on our Facebook page about the distinct lack of surf.
Hmmm….staring out the miserable conditions as rain pelts against the front glass windows of the Umina clubhouse and it’s hard to believe it’s the same venue. BOM reckons it’s about 30 knots of wind, but we reckon it’s gusting more than that. Dogs off chains is the term that springs to mind and the surf is picking up. Quite nicely actually. If it was this time next week for the Open events the boaties would be stoked! A nice 3 ft wind-wave is coming straight in from the south-east.

When the workparty crew of volunteers rocked up pre-dawn this morning, bits of tents were strewn across the sand, signage flapping about and people stooging around wondering what the day would bring.
We passed a bunch of kids walking along the road, spray jackets on, heads bent forward into the wind, desperately trying to hang onto their raceboards.

Sadly though, they arrived to find events called off for today – it’s just too wet, windy and miserable.  

But luckily the serious lifesavers still managed to get some of their event in, with 100+ people doing the Champion Lifesaver theory inside the clubhouse.
Now comes the hard part. What do you do with 4000+ kids, pumped and ready for action, happy to not be at school today but with nowhere to go? Well some people have headed back to Sydney to wait out the storm and maybe have another go tomorrow. Maybe the Reptile Park up the hill could be the go for some wet lizard action? Or the Cinema Paradiso at Ettalong for a movie?

Great idea - head to the Merch tent and check out the sweet range of gear and souvenirs. While you didn’t get to actually compete today, you can at least take home the t-shirt! Pity we didn’t add a range of wet-weather gear to the line-up.
Hopefully we can amend the program and if weather improves by the morning, competition can re-commence.

So for now, stay warm and dry punters and we’ll see you back on the beach Saturday.
Champion Lifesaver competitors doing their theory exam. Pic by Mavimages

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