Friday, 28 February 2014

Ground Hog Day?

NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!  And they say lightning doesn’t strike twice…

It’s fair to say there were a few officials and competitors experiencing a déjà vu moment on arrival at Ocean Beach/Umina this morning for the start of the 2014 NSW Surf Life Saving Age Championships.

Crap weather, wind, rain, wet kids, wetter parents….conditions reminiscent of last year’s event, which was in large part delayed, cancelled or relocated.

On the up side, it’s not nearly as miserable as last year when we in the throes of a massive East Coast low. For weeks after we were pulling barrier fencing from the water and sand and don’t forget the half a dead cow which was apparently spotted in the water, washed down from the Hawkesbury. Not sure if the story was real or not but it’s taken on Urban Myth status now.

Everyone is doing their best to stay positive and at this stage competition is continuing, however there have been some delays.

Brightening the mood, Kendrick Louis rocked up to chat to the kids and sign autographs at the Engine tent. And everyone is smashing the hot chocs and the sausage sambos, courtesy of the club barbie.

1pm Friday: Weather has continued to deteriorate so referee has called a halt to competition for the day. There are some relieved looking kids, parents and officials trudging off the beach in search of a hot shower and possibly a cold drink!

Some people are unkindly joking about the ‘Curse of Steve Marley’.  Steve was referee last year and promised this wouldn’t happen again!

We popped over to the Merch tent to see if things were as grim in retail. Understandably, hoodies were walking out the door, with many sizes completely sold out.

Back to the drawing board with the timetable for Saturday, with events not complete Friday slotted into the program for Saturday.

Here’s hoping the weather fines up and the rest of weekend’s competition runs smoothly. Til tomorrow, stay classy Umina!

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